Thursday, September 20, 2007

Persuasive Writing Topics for Students

1. Take a position on whether students should be required to take physical education (PE) in school. Make your position clear and explain why you think students should or should not be required to take physical education in school.

2. When you visited a friend of yours, he/she acted strange. When you tried to talk to your friend, he/she became defensive. You found out that your friend was failing all of his /her classes. Now you have returned home. Write a letter to your friend explaining ways in which he/she can improve academically. State the problem and make your solutions clear.

3. Your state is considering a law that would require every citizen to participate in a recycling program. This program would be more expensive and inconvenient to the average citizen than the old way of getting rid of garbage. Decide how you feel about a new law requiring all citizens to recycle. Write a letter to the governor clearly explaining why the recyling law should or should not be passed.

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