Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What Should a Georgia Fourth Grader Look Like?

If I remember correctly this was taken mainly from the opening paragraphs of the Language Arts standards from the Georgia State Board of Education.

Students who have completed the fourth grade program consistently choose various genres on their own to read and do not need an instructor’s preview to have success. Students are able to read and understand informational text in various subject areas and use many different metacognitive strategies to assist in comprehension. They read thoughtfully and purposefully to constantly check for understanding of the author’s intent and meaning to achieve a sound interpretation.

By the end of their fourth grade year students are used to writing daily for a variety of purposes and audiences. In addition to writing necessary for the business of school students are also comfortable writing journals, notes, and email. Student’s writing consistently develops a central idea or tells a story utilizing the writing process. Strong evidence of the use of Standard English conventions are presented in all forms of writing. Students understand that reading and writing strategies are used interchangeably and utilize these strategies to include personal voice and author’s craft in their writing.

Students have continually practiced and are adept in various student-to-student and student-to-teacher interactions and communicate their ideas effectively, politely, and appropriately whether conversations take place during classroom discussions or cooperative groups.

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